At your own pace and at your convenience you will gain knowledge from the world leaders in youth fitness who have spent two decades developing an empirically driven method that delivers proven outcomes. 
Youth Strength Course will help you 

  • Understand and communicate to parents and stakeholders about why strength is the most important physical adaptation. 
  • Build and deploy a practical toolbox of mobility and motor pattern drills.
  • Design a progressive youth strength program built around the back squat, deadlift, bench press and associated accessory exercises.
Dr. Jose Greenspon
- Dr. Jose Greenspon
“As a pediatric physician whose practice focuses on ‘lifestyle as medicine’ in the youth and adolescent population, a central component of what we prescribe for our young patients is exercise. Exercise coaching in this population needs to be purposeful and mindful, regardless of the health of the patient in order to prevent, for example, overuse injuries or age-inappropriate stimuli. The Brand X Method is, without doubt, the most comprehensive, thoughtful, and careful coaching platform for today's youth. They are peerless in their experience and are recognized throughout the world as the gold standard in youth coaching. For that reason, I myself, as well as members of my medical team, are Certified Brand X Professional Youth Coaches. I utilize these coaching principles every day in my practice as both a coach and a doctor.”
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Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin
Founder of The Brand X Method
Nearly 40 years of coaching experience
iF3 Youth Committee Director
TeenLIFT Foundation Board Member
StandUpKids Advisory Board Member
Co-developer CrossFit Kids program 2004-2014
HQ Training Staff & Director of Youth Training 2011-2014
USAW Sports Conditioning Coach
5th-degree Kenpo karate black belt, earning the title of sifu
KMNTC-certified Krav Maga instructor
USA Powerlifting California state record holder
Collegiate water polo player
BA Psychology SDSU
Mikki Martin
Mikki Martin
Founder of The Brand X Method
20+ years coaching experience
iF3 Youth Committee Director
TeenLIFT Foundation Board Member
StandUpKids Advisory Board Member
Co-developer CrossFit Kids program 2004-2014
HQ Training Staff & Director of Youth Programs2011-2014
ISSA-certified Youth Fitness Trainer
USA Powerlifting California state record holder
1st-degree Kenpo karate black belt
KMNTC-certified Krav Maga instructor
James Fitzgerald
Keegan Martin
Director of Product Development & Education of The Brand X Method
Delivered over 250 live seminars
USA Powerlifting California state record holder
Former National record holder in the back squat
Current 1 RM lift stats (lbs) –
Squat 650 | Bench 425 | Deadlift 650
Coached dozens of kids to competitive powerlifting, state, and national records

Matt Hersh
Connor Martin
Director of Community & Business Development of The Brand X Method
Delivered over 200 live seminars
Owner of Compete Elite
Coach at P3 CrossFit and formerly at Brand X, CF Central Houston, CrossFit EADO,
Coach of multiple age group Games qualifiers
4 years coaching a team at the Regionals
4-time regional athlete
Delivered over 150 live seminars
1st-degree Kenpo karate black belt
Competitive mixed martial artist


The goal was to impact as many youths as possible through fitness. In order to run the best program I needed to work with the best in the world
the Martin family and The Brand X Method was the clear option. The Brand X Method holds the highest standard of coaching and attitude practices in their coaches and the kids and teens they work with. they are helping kids in Ireland become formidable humans ..."
- Stephen Kinsella, Owner of FSM Bray, A Brand X Training Centre
“… Growing up I was always overweight and at one point I was obese. I started with The Brand X Method youth barbell group when I was 7 years old.... I was never good at physcial things because of my weight and my lack of agility. I always wanted to be the strong kid, the fast kid, the athletic kid, but I just wasn’t that. Joining The Brand X Method youth barbell group and working under the guidance of Brand X coaches for years turned me into what I wanted to be. I lost a lot of weight; it completely transformed my body composition…. Now I’m 20 years old, 230 pounds, a 3-time state powerlifting champion. I can do muscle-ups, I can do handstand pushups, I can do handstand walks, I can do pistol squats with a kettlebell over my head. Working with them for so many years has had so many impacts not only in my physical health but in my mental health. I am so much more confident in my ability to achieve things in life. At the age of 20, that is rare ...”
- Nick Watzek, Brand X graduate & certified personal trainer

“… I definitely think if kids grow up with [The Brand X Method] and that is their image of fitness, they're going to be going to the gym as long as they live…. When they're teenagers they'll have the confidence knowing that they're strong enough to do anything that they want…. They won't be afraid to try new things…. Knowing that you can start a sport, knowing that you'll be safe doing it because you know how to move safely… it's a great motivation to go try anything…. I have the strength to do anything I want so I can go do that and that’s what makes it so fun…. You can excel in whatever you do …”
- Sophia Mittman, Brand X graduate & Seminar Staff, sophomore at MIT

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